Olive Wood 100%

Why olive wood?

Olive wood is considered one of the best woods for the use and handling of food, due to its resistance, durability and because it has a very closed pore, which prevents dirt from penetrating into it and prevents the proliferation of bacteria in it, so it is considered an antibacterial wood.

And with all this, olive wood is one of the most beautiful woods in the world, with its very characteristic and unrepeatable knots and veining.


In Spain alone there are more than 250 varieties of olive trees, each variety of olive tree makes a different olive and has a wood with a different drawing and veining. For us, not all olive varieties are good for work, so we only use 3 olive wood varieties, the best.

It is known that there are more than 1,200 different olive varieties in the world. Although globalization reaches all over the world, it is mainly in the Mediterranean countries.

Did you know that in Spain we have one of the oldest olive trees that exists right now in the world?

It is in Ulldecona (Tarragona) and is called "La Farga del Arion" The latest study gives it more than 1,700 years, therefore it was planted in the time of Emperor Constantine I (306-337 AD.)