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Wooden Salad Bowl Medium Size, Olive Wood Bowl Handmade turned and Centerpiece for Fruit, Wooden Fruit Bowl Vintage, Mid Century Tray House

BFC art

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Authentic Olive wood salad bowl, is handmade and sanded by hand one by one, each bowl has a unique and special wooden pattern. The quality of our olive wood is Extra good and it's very well sanded and very fine finishes, make it an extra quality salad bowl.

* The measurements are : diameter x height, and are shown in centimeters, and then in inches (") the measurements are total, measured from the outside of the piece, and are approximate.

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This salad bowls, are finished with food grade mineral oils for safe use with food. With our special and characteristic salad bowl design, highly recognized from our BfCart factory, it is very robust and resistant, it is ideal for rustic kitchens and also in modern kitchens with an industrial and timeless style. If you need to surprise with an original touch in a gift, here is this beautiful Salad Bowl, it will bring a very original gift to your family and friends.

Olive wood is very resistant, very durable and very beautiful, its main peculiarity is its hardness and very closed grain, making it very suitable for food handling. The olive wood, as it is a very hard wood and with a very closed grain, for this , the bacteria cannot be deposited on it nor can they reproduce, as for example in other white and loose and lower quality woods, or with plastic or PVC that favor the proliferation and reproduction of bacteria according to various studies, this must be taken into account for our health. 

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Can I put these products in the dishwasher?

You can , but the wood will wear faster and take on a darker tone more quickly.

Our recommendation: Daily use items such as spoons, spatulas, etc. at first when they are new, you can wash them by hand with soap and water and let them dry well, when you no longer appreciate them so much and they take on a darker or grayish tone, you can put them in the dishwasher, at this point, you will no longer like them. It will affect the use of the dishwasher so much.

Pieces such as kitchen boards, large salad bowls, or more expensive pieces that we want to take great care of, it is better to always wash them by hand with soap and water, they will remain beautiful for much longer.

How should I maintain my piece?

Our pieces are finished with natural oils suitable for handling food. With use and time, this oil tends to evaporate, and the wood returns to its natural state. When the wood returns to its natural state, it needs to be "rehydrated" with a sponge or cloth moistened with any edible oil, for example: sunflower oil, olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil, etc. rub all over the piece and the piece will be protected and beautiful again.

How long do these olive wood products last?

Olive wood is very hard and resistant. With normal use, all our pieces should last for many years, even boards or salad bowls, they can be passed from generation to generation.

Why is my piece now a little darker or grayer than when I bought it?

Wood is an organic and natural product, because it follows its course of life. Over time and over the years it takes on a darker and grayish tone, totally normal, and it is mainly due to ultraviolet radiation. There will come a point where this will no longer be appreciated, and it will not continue because it will have already taken its final color.


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100% Madera Olivo

Why olive wood?

Olive wood is considered one of the best woods for the use and handling of food, due to its resistance, durability and because it has a very closed pore, which prevents dirt from penetrating into it and prevents the proliferation of bacteria in it, so it is considered an antibacterial wood.

And with all this, olive wood is one of the most beautiful woods in the world, with its very characteristic and unrepeatable knots and veining.


In Spain alone there are more than 250 varieties of olive trees, each variety of olive tree makes a different olive and has a wood with a different drawing and veining. For us, not all olive varieties are good for work, so we only use 3 olive wood varieties, the best.

It is known that there are more than 1,200 different olive varieties in the world. Although globalization reaches all over the world, it is mainly in the Mediterranean countries.

Did you know that in Spain we have one of the oldest olive trees that exists right now in the world?

It is in Ulldecona (Tarragona) and is called "La Farga del Arion" The latest study gives it more than 1,700 years, therefore it was planted in the time of Emperor Constantine I (306-337 AD.)

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