Experience, Quality, Sustainability

Experience, Quality, Sustainability

Why can we brag about the experience?

My name is Bernat Fiol, we are the second generation of a small family business, located in Mallorca, where we have been manufacturing our own products related to kitchenware and decoration, since 1970 without interruption.

In the center Bernat Fiol Pol, founder of the workshop. Bernat and Maria Fiol Cardona, second generation of the family business.

How can we demonstrate our quality?

The simple fact that we have been in this competitive world of kitchenware for more than 52 years is our great endorsement, but our great objective is to continue improving, to be able to offer our clients authentic 100% olive wood products, to continue manufacturing our most "veteran" and established products such as salad bowls, kitchen boards, mortars, and what we like the most, being able to design new and exclusive products for our clients.

We are also very proud to be able to offer a whole range of traditional games with our personal stamp, chess, parcheesi, goose game, solitaire game, and many others to come.

Why sustainability?


Wood is a biodegradable resource, 100% recyclable and sustainable. The wood can be considered unlimited, because you can always replant the trees to have wood again. Although our production is very small, and the footprint we leave is almost negligible in this, we also care about the trees that we need for our production.

There is a fact that we want to share with all of you. There comes a point in the life of the olive tree, which is no longer profitable and does not produce enough for the farmer to find it profitable to maintain it, for the production of olives and oils. These olive trees are replaced by younger olive trees. These olive trees are the ones that our usual wood suppliers send us.

Creating value to our products
If what you are looking for are unique and personalized gifts, we are here to help you, we offer you a multitude of customization options with your names, phrases, dedications, etc. so that the products you buy from us or for your gifts are more special than ever.


* And now you no longer need to come to Mallorca to enjoy our products, you can buy them directly here, and both me and my sister Maria will be happy to send them to your home.



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